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Monthly Archives: March 2017


The country of Turkey has been rated one of the most visited places in the modern world. Most avid travelers and adventurers have found that this country has much to offer in the way of exciting activities and unending adventures centered upon the traveler. Within the defines of its borders you can discover a mix of traditional culture and modern day living which makes this country a really fascinating one to understand and even more so to explore. I am certain that Turkey will become one of your most memorable and interesting travels that you have ever completed.

Turkey’s rich Muslim culture, their historical battlegrounds and the great palaces has demonstrated the quality displayed all across the country. A quick glance at the cities will reveal that this is truly the land that has witnessed Alexander the Greats triumph over Achilles during the Trojan War. It has also hosted the Ottoman Empire’s battles which have greatly helped to shape the world as we know it. These features are particularly important in terms of the development of modern civilizations.

Located between the European and Asian continents, Turkey’s culture is a special misture of Eastern tradition and Western modernism. Turkey has a strong presence in the area with a magnicificant historic, cultural influence and growing economic impact in the area. Located between Europe in the west and Central Asia in the east, Russia in the north and the Middle East in the south, Turkey has been increasing strategic importance to the major world powers.

Upon arriving in Turkey you will be welcomed and amazed with the kind, friendly and warm attitude of the Turkish people. Aside from the rich Muslim culture Turkey is known for its famous delicacies and its fantastic cuisines which are prominently made by its famous Turkish chefs. Every tourist who visits Turkey agrees that the food in this country is nothing short of superb.

Yachting and the renowned white water rafting are one of the recommended activities that are usually reserved for tourist who demonstrate a love of water sports. For the adventurous people who travel to Turkey mountain climbing, bicycle riding, hiking on one of the many trails or skiing offer unlimited fun for all. You should not miss the world famous hot air balloon show that is displayed annually. Apart from these activities you can readily investigate the various tourist sights such as the great mosque structures or perhaps ride the gullet which is Turkey’s traditional boat.

Turkey will not only amaze you with its rich history but will engage you with many unusual activities which offer its tourists and travelers an abundance of entertaining activities to fill your many waking hours. From the start of your day and on into the wee hours of the night you cannot get enough things to do nor places to visit in this wonderful country.

Water Parks in Europe

Adaland Aquapark,Turkey

Adaland is divided into three distinct areas and each of them is guaranteed to cause your family hours of fun whilst on their package holiday. The spiralling slides and windy rides all take place in the Aquapark area and the park is best known for the slithering Yellow Python, a brightly coloured spinning tube which drops you out into a giant splash pool. The remaining areas of the park are the dolphin section, giving you and your family the opportunity to watch daily dolphin shows and afterwards swim with the stars, and the Seapark, which allows you to hand-feed magnificent manta-rays and snorkel amongst Turkey’s marine life, whilst on your package holiday.

Water World, Ayia Napa

Water World claims to be Europe’s biggest water-park, but it is the park’s Ancient Greek styling and not the sheer size of the destination that has coveted it many travel industry awards. There are 18 rides in total from the spinning Aeolos Whirlpool to the rather more sedate Aphrodite’s Pool, a huge relaxing Jacuzzi aimed at the park’s adult visitors. Many of the rides feature height restrictions, but younger children will have hours of fun in the Trojan Adventure, a gentler play structure featuring water pistols and smaller slides.

Aqualand, Tenerife

Aqualand is actually a chain of seven water parks situated in Europe. However the best of the bunch is located on the island of Tenerife. Like all the best water parks, the site features a dolphinarium and the dolphin shows here are the best in Europe. The park is home to a vast array of water based rides and customers that have visited other Aqualand parks, whilst on their family holidays, will be pleased to note that it has all the old favourites from the spiralling Anaconda to the five-slide spectacular, which is the Super Slalom.

Aquasur, Gran Canaria

Aquasur is the Canary Island’s biggest water park and also one of their most popular tourist attractions. The sun holiday daytrip destination is another Aqualand park, and whilst it doesn’t have the friendly dolphins of Tenerife, it instead features a population of sea lions that your children will love swimming with after their spectacular show. All the family favourites feature in this park, including the spiralling Anaconda and the adrenaline packed, Kamikaze and Adrenalina rides.

Fasouri Watermania, Cyprus

Fasouri Watermania won the much coveted award for the best water park at the 2007 World Travel Awards and it isn’t hard to see why. The park remains the biggest in Cyprus and is definitely a must visit for those on a family holiday. There is enough to entertain both adults and children alike and competitive families can organise a race down the six-lane Mat Chaser, to see who’ll be taking on the washing-up duties for the remainder of the package holiday.

The bizarre Crossover game is a lot harder than it looks and involves crossing an activity pool on giant floating orange slices. Smaller children will enjoy playing in the slightly more sedate kiddie pool, and the football pitch and playground give your family the perfect opportunity to dry out before heading home.


San Diego Wild Animal Park

The Wild Animal Park is one of the best places to see animals in San Diego, other than the San Diego zoo. Spread out over an amazing 1,800 acres, the animals have ample room to play and roam around in the animal park. The sight of the animals playing in the park like they would do in their natural habitat almost convinces you that you are observing them in their native Asia or Africa.

The animal park enjoys a reputation of having saved numerous endangered species of animals from almost certain extinction. During its thirty years of existence the animal park has seen a dramatic increase in the number of animals that were once considered endangered species. Currently all wild Arabian Oryx are descendants of the Arabian Oryx that have been reared and nurtured at the Wild Animal Park.

Visitors can choose to wander down any of the numerous paths in the parks and observe the smaller animals. Though this is a delightful experience in itself, more is yet to come when you ride the Bush Line Railway. This hour-long exciting railway journey offers you the once-in-a-lifetime chance of observing rarely seen animals including the rhinoceros and the white rhino in their natural environment.

Summer is a popular time for people to visit the zoo. A record ten to fifteen thousand visitors throng to the zoo on a typical summer day, so it best to be there early to avoid long waiting lines. In winter the zoo is not so crowded, with an average of 2,000 visitors. In summer it’s great to walk around the park for a while and then go for a ride on the railway. You can still walk around some more after you disembark from the railway. It can get quite hot in the park in summer so make sure you carry along a good sunscreen. And don’t forget to take plenty of water as well to keep you from getting dehydrated in the scorching Californian summer.

San Diego’s Wild Animal Park is located 32 miles to the north of Escondido in San Diego. The area that the park is located in is peaceful and serene, making it a better place for the resident animals. The San Diego Zoological Society runs the operations and management of this park as well as the San Diego Zoo, which is popular the world over. With the zoo and the park, the Zoological Society does an excellent job of preserving wildlife that is on the brink of extinction as well as creating awareness among people on the diversity of animal life.

When you do visit San Diego next, either alone or with your family, do not forget to put the Wild Animal Park down on your list of must-do things in San Diego. It’s a great place to learn some more about endangered wildlife species as well a wonderful opportunity to see some of the rare animals from all over the globe.


Family Holiday Destinations


The scenic destination has only recently emerged as a package holiday destination but with its mass of sprawling hills and perfectly manicured beaches it has quickly built up its reputation to emerge as one of the top destinations for holidays in the sun.

Children of all ages will love the Squirrel Park based in the resort of Istria and the fact that squirrels are red, and not grey as in England, will both amuse and delight them whilst on your family holidays. The park allows children the change to find out everything they need to know and more about this woodland critter, and the extensive summer programme gives them the chance to make their own squirrel themed costume and toys.

For adults, the scenic town of Volosko is definitely worth a visit. The pretty seaside village features some of the countries best seafood coupled with stunning views of the dramatic Adriatic Sea.


Lanzarote is an old favourite for a package holiday and with its excellent year round climate and gorgeous sandy beaches it isn’t hard to see why.

The submarine safaris are a sure-fire hit for children and they are specially designed for underwater exploration. Each submarine features 22 portals as well as large television screens perfect for spotting any lurking sharks. The submarine dives to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean for an hour and the clearness of the water gives children a remarkable view of what life’s like under the sea.

Catalanza’s giant catamaran will appeal to adults, although children are also welcome on board. Both will be given the chance to sail the boat around the smooth waters of the Atlantic and the trip also provides opportunities for the more adventurous to try jet-skiing, or learn how to snorkel on their family holidays.


As a family holiday destination, Turkey combines a perfect fusion of east and west. Belly dancers and ancient temples mix with golden sandy beaches and vibrant water parks to create a destination that offers something for everyone.

The Adaland water park is on most children’s wish lists when visiting Turkey and as the resort features a dolphin park that gives children the chance to swim and play with these incredible mammals it really isn’t hard to see why.

The park is the largest in Europe and is also home to a vast array of windy water-slides intent on amusing both adults and children alike. The third area is called Sea Park and gives families the chance to dive and snorkel in a safe environment. Children can meet and feed friendly string-rays and photograph not so friendly sharks up close.

Adults should experience a traditional hamman whilst on their family holiday and these are offered in most Turkish resorts. The genuine hammans consist of a three part massage combining peeling, foam and oil. And of course, no traditional hamman is complete without a round of Raki afterwards. However, this potent spirit is strictly adults only!

Gran Canaria

It’s of no surprise that another Canary Island makes it onto our top four list. Gran Canaria is the 2nd most populated Canary Island after Tenerife and provides an excellent destination for holidays in the Sun.

Children will be both scared and enthralled by the Crocodile Park in Aguimes. The park is home to over 300 crocodiles and visiting during feeding time is an absolute must. The tamer other half of the park is a zoo with areas for monkeys, tigers and jaguars, but the adjacent caf which features roller-skating parrots will definitely prove to be a highlight of your family holidays.

The western town of Sioux City holds equal rapture for both adults and children alike. Originally built as a stage set for an American Western film in 1972, the town has now developed into a theme park complete with cowboys, Indians, Mexicans and a sheriff. There are shows throughout the day but Friday evenings will provide the climax to your holidays in the sun, with a plentiful barbecue feast, followed by traditional country dancing.