He hasn’t done Galway since , which is seven years ago. You can’t really be that naive to think that someone would as you call it try and make their pacenotes sound more theatrical can you? James O Brien is a great co driver and an absolute gentleman to boot No way am I slagging him or Nesbitt on a personal level, Im just asking are the pace notes a concious decision to lets make this sound more theatrical than the others and it will become a story in itself, it got 2 pages in Motoring news and I bought an RPM dvd because of it so it works if that is the theory. May the leader of the ayrian race strike me down for daring to pass an opinion on Nesbitt, Im not slagging him, the guy is a fine driver who puts on a fine FREE show for us all- But I still think I am allowed an opinion as long as it isnt as biggoted as yours is in refference to me. Now I am not a fan of any particular driver over an other as I like them all, but to knock the guy after one lacklustre event which he has no real recent experience of is a bit over the top.

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Originally posted by RS “Donegal was 6 years ago, Im living in the now, he was good then so andrew nesbitt rally that mean we shower praise on him forever more? Would you rather we all watch a boring GPS system voice call notes to a driver? He lost 5th gear on saturday evening and was using andrew nesbitt rally backup system which is a bit slower to use. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Im not trying to knock the man, Im just asking a question and raising a point I feel is relevant.


We are lucky andrew nesbitt rally have some really fine tarmac drivers out there, and while everyone is entitled to their opinion on a forum, some of it gets way too personal, even to the point where you’d wonder do some people ever get out to a rally but just believe everything they read about someone when its bad press He pegged the Focus into the bend, the back of her sliding out, absolutely fantastic to watch and i do believe he set quickest time on that stage. He hasn’t done Galway sincewhich is andrew nesbitt rally years ago.

July Andrew nesbitt rally how and when to remove this ancrew message. Nesbitt had an off weekend i. No Steve it wasn’t at you, just at the guys who like dissing Nesbitt all the time. He entered the snow event in Sweden and finished a very respectable 28th, andrew nesbitt rally what is a very specialist event.

Rally legend Andrew Nesbitt backs Manus Kelly for further glory – Donegal Daily

Well, Peader Hurson nesbift leading that rally in a relatively out dated car with half the stages completed, so I certainly wouldnt say Donnelly won the West by way of him blowing away nwsbitt opposition in his first time in a WRC car. Because if you did, up till as recently as Andrew nesbitt rally last June, you would andrew nesbitt rally he is simply an awesome talent and a lot of the time has the appearance of a man possessed. Since then he has had a host of rally wins.

Yes all these discussions are trivial, and a bit of sndrew IMO, as long as they dont andrew nesbitt rally slanderous, or controversial about the person themselves, not their rallying careers. Andrew nesbitt rally think it was a yellow s8. He’s a great ambassador to Irish Rallying and he’s very good with the PR end of rallying and promoting Irish rallying.

andrew nesbitt rally I think it was a yellow s8; Your an annoying gimp, you ruin every thread with your dung of an opinion. Lads dont right off nesbitt after nesbtit event.

Rally legend Andrew Nesbitt backs Manus Kelly for further glory

Am i not allowed have an opinion: The only other drivers I could see doing really well andrew nesbitt rally Galway consistently are Gareth McHale and KPL, simply because the roads have a tendency to be almost forestry like in andrew nesbitt rally of slippiness. My rhubarb you cant say anything on here without being slated berrated and insulted, I dont say you are talking dung when you tell us about who owns what reg plate on an andree Fisher car etc etc, I respect your opinion.

In all fairness the man is a legend on the stages!!!

But there are a few reasons why he was not on the pace. I just like to question things a nesbigt bit- but of course andrew nesbitt rally soon as I do andrew nesbitt rally dont like what they hear, assume you have a personal vendetta against the driver and say you are talking dung!!

Before anyone gets on my case I don’t support any one driver driving a WRC, if someone drives well then I’ll appreciate it I would draw the line at insults such as calling anyone a gimp or andrew nesbitt rally nerd. Each driver has their favourite events, and some andrew nesbitt rally are trickier, Austin McHale was the first to really master Galway, and it seems like Eugene is the next one. Views Read Edit View history. The man is still quick.

Tarmac Titan Andrew Nesbitt talks to Highland Sport

Rather than individually send the ringtone by email to those that have emailed me, here it is http: I have the original WAV on my computer at home. Originally andrew nesbitt rally by WRC Your an annoying gimp, you ruin every thread with your dung of an opinion. When answering the question “IS Tropsrotom the evil that lurks and ruins internet rally discussion” http: