The drop in GPU speed fortunately has no ill effect on everyday performance. Easily accessible RAM and HDD will go a long way in providing longer legs without dramatically raising manufacturing costs. HD playback will induce the higher fan noise, but fortunately not up to the 40 dB A range, so users need not worry about distracting fan noise in general. The Space bar must be more responsive before we can give a full recommendation. Synthetic benchmarks place the E in line with other notebooks sporting the same processor in our database, most notably the inch ThinkPad Edge E , Idling surface temperatures are quite warm at about 30 degrees C on average or about 5 degrees higher than ambient on both the top and bottom surfaces.

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The portability and asus x401u of the design are aeus down by the weak outer lid and glare-heavy display unfit for extended outdoor use. We experienced no rattling or imbalances at higher volumes, though maximum volume is a bit on the low side. The low travel, asus x401u Space bar and soft Enter key, however, are much more difficult to forgive. Lid opened at maximum angle.

Review Asus X401U-BE20602Z Notebook

Primarily thanks to one-piece cover of the top of the base, where the chiclet-style keyboard and button-less touchpad are located. Although asks endeavor to present the most accurate and comprehensive information at asus x401u time of publication, we reserve the right to make changes without ass notice. Side-to-side twisting of the base and lid fare a bit better in comparison and the tougher, slightly asus x401u underside saves the notebook from being too rickety. Our system will idle at MHz if under the Power Saver profile and asus x401u operate asus x401u its full 1.

The Radeon HD graphics processor embedded on the E 1. As expected, bass is lacking and hardly perceptible compared to the overemphasized midtones.

XU | Laptops | ASUS Global

Windows 7 OS Ver: Disk data transfer rate. Though asus x401u terrible by any means, the XU is certainly not fit for all-day outdoor use.

The latter in particular offers twice the number of USB ports. The lack of asus x401u auxiliary keys will mean users must rely on fn key combinations for a number of qsus settings.

Under higher loads, the palm rests and touchpad areas change little in temperature, if at all. Unfortunately, there is no easily accessible maintenance hatch underneath for asus x401u access to the RAM, HDD and or other internal components.

Asus XU-WXH – External Reviews

Please check with your supplier for asus x401u offers. Colors of asus x401u asjs not be perfectly accurate due to variations caused by photography and monitor settings. When we talk about performance of the AMD E-series, we actually talk about the slowest laptop-use processors found on the market at the time of this writing. Hinges feel stiff with no wobbling during use.

Netbooks and netbook-like laptops asus x401u SSDs are very ashs. Budget notebooks commonly sport x resolution displays, so the XU here shows no surprises. Besides omission of the optical drive, a potential turn-off for some users could be asus x401u of only two USB ports, instead of three or four.

Colors are also generally inaccurate throughout all saturation levels with a DeltaE north of 10 units for the majority of colors. HD playback will induce asus x401u higher fan noise, but fortunately not up to the 40 dB A range, so users need not worry asus x401u distracting fan noise in general. Frequent travelers may appreciate the portability, screen size, and asus x401u battery of the system as a secondary notebook.

We did not find this to be an issue during use, but a flat surface is preferable nonetheless if gaming or for other intensive tasks.

Quality journalism x4011u paid by advertising. The stereo speakers are located on the underside of the notebook with grilles asus x401u directly towards the desk. Other notable features are stereo speakers, a 1-megapixel web-chat camera, The Space bar must be more responsive before we can give a full recommendation. asus x401u

Surfaces can feel too plastic and cheap. Asus x401u addition, this model has asus x401u sleeker appearance than many of its counterparts. The 1×1 single-band card is capable of a theoretical mbps transfer rate and should be sufficient for home users.

P15, Celeron Dual Core, Pentiu However, does the dual-core Zacate processor offer enough performance for daily use?