We threw stones at them and also there were many strange insects and flies wanted to bite us. I screamed and ran until the figure could not haunted house essay 500 words that much further.

In our summer vacations when it was hot in Islamabad we planned to go to Murree, as it was cold in Murree.

It was getting dark and cold. My garden was infested by animals like mice and snakes. He told us that the house was a haunted house and the apparition of a young man has been seen there.

I requested my father to please return back as I did not want to be in hot waters anymore. Haunted house essay 500 words some more hocus pocus we glanced up to see a ghostly lady, all in white brushing her hair and singing softly to a mirror in her hand which did not show her reflection.

Luckily the new haunted house essay 500 words came soon and we went to our hotel. Once upon a time there were two friends Jane and Mary. I also had a large and beautiful garden.

my 500 word story ( the haunted house)

We then quickly hid behind the staircase waiting for the headless person to haunted house essay 500 words downstairs looking for us. I requested my father to take me to that haunted house. The headless person found us, so we ran back downstairs again, and saw a big axe lying on the table. No part of this story may be used without permission. Then suddenly a box appeared it opened by itself Ashely and Amy esaay to the top there lungs.


Geetanjali Kundu 1 January at We stepped inside the house and all we esay see we’re rats, bats, bugs, insects and cobwebs. This meant sleeping in his room, and I was excited because my brother hated anyone going in his room.

On his way up, he slipped, hit haunted house essay 500 words head on the sharp part of the stairs, and died on the spot.

It was a beautiful village, and quite a nice house, although it was very cold. Now they were in place called Spider territory.

Creative Writing: Write an essay on “The Haunted House”

Just to put the final horror story finish to it, the hahnted we were leaving, a neighbor told us that a previous occupant had hung herself in the stairwell. This comment has been removed by the author. Tom and Jhon were being chased by zombies they made weird noises they had torn clothes.

While they were playing they saw a old spooky house. Then we heard a murmur.

Unknown 1 June at This frightened me from the word go, as there was carpet on the floor, and where the sound was coming from, a thick sheepskin rug lay. It was also just feeling of something not wanting you there. My friend Jack and I decided haunted house essay 500 words find out once and for all if what people said was true. Who knows, maybe she still haunts the old house?


One day, while watching the T. Ok, I know it’s not exactly an original haunted house essay 500 words, but it does what it says on the tin! When houss was dark, we snuck out of the house. When I went inside, again the door opened itself. It controlled his body, making him attack the other two boys, so they ran into the kitchen, where they hid behind the door.