I’ve run into issues with the device not responding on occasion in protools but for the most part it has been reliable by simply checking the knowledge base for a few minor issue resolutions. Seamless integration with all major DAW software. As far as controllers go this is one of my favorites and the price I paid was fair however I had to replace the firmware to get it running properly still would have bought it over again! Stop working 2nd day!!! The faders work great and are fast.

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LED displays clearly display each channel’s status. Accessories For Marching Band. The ad images of this great product do not do it justice. Folk Guitar Buying Guides. The irony for me is that I’m m-audio projectmix i o used to working on screen, I have to keep reminding myself to use the board controls instead. This item doesn’t belong on this page. Guitar Amp Buying Guides.

M-Audio ProjectMix I/O Digital Recording Interface | eBay

Accessories For Concert Percussion. It is not very large, which makes it easy to take with you to an out-of-studio session, and it takes all m-audio projectmix i o 10 projectmlx to hook up.

But i did luv it when it worked. A studio controller that merges the speed of FireWire with motorized faders. Its awesome to control midi, record 8 inputs seamlessly, control midi interfaces and plug ins, rout all my speakers, and use it for several DAWS for this price. And, you have to get used to each slider changing which track it actually controls. Any problems I have had were eventually all attributable to a pretty steep learning projecctmix when I first got it.

Also it comes DAW ready m-audio projectmix i o pro tools, logic, sonar, cubase and live, so it is a really “plug and play device”, unlike the FW, that you have to configure for each DAW, and believe me it gets projectkix frustrating.

Most Liked Negative Review. The control surface features are amazing and work so smoothly with protools.

M-Audio ProjectMix I/O Digital Recording Interface

But If you got the money to buy this and another Pre It would be m-audio projectmix i o. The only complaint, is that the mic pres are a bit too hot, but even when it says its peaking, you don’t hear the normal peaking sound.

This unit does everything I would expect it If you change the Ship-To country, some or all of m-audio projectmix i o items m-audlo your cart may not ship to the new destination. This control surface is better suited for Logic, I believe, as the shuttle wheel does not move the insertion cursor in Pro Tools.

Ratings Distribution 5 Stars. Stop working 2nd day!!!

Project mix IO As far as controllers go this is one of my favorites and the price I paid was fair however I had to replace the firmware to get it running properly still would have bought it over m-audio projectmix i o I recommend the ProjectMix to anyone on a budget. Was this prijectmix helpful? There is one caveat. Let it be known proejctmix there m-audio projectmix i o some issues with this device, for instance attempting to record a loud drummer is impossible unless outboard pads are bought or adat light pipe preamp is used as the mic pres are too hot even when the gain nobs are all the way down.

m-audio projectmix i o This allows you to do everything you could ever need to recording wise, unless you need to use more than 8 mics for drums which is possible. If you don’t really like mixing on screens, and prefer the “tactile” experience of a mixer, this unit is great.

More items related to this product. Other than that it works great. You really have to learn to work “with” this thing. Call us at