I’m sure kids enjoy using LOL on school work! Sally from Elementary Matters. Tell me about your illustration.

I think I’ll be trying these right in class! They did some very thoughtful work. I love this idea! Where do you reading homework ideas 5th grade the passages from? I have been looking through readworks and i don’t know how you all get passages without title at the top.

Ten Weeks of Reading Response Homework

I think kids and families are extra busy these days. Before any reading homework ever goes home, we do it in reading homework ideas 5th grade together at least two or three times, and I have my 3rd graders try it independently in class as well.

I think you will find it gives students the opportunity to jomework with text in a meaningful way. Since we knew our students might have very little experience coding text, we decided to start with a model reading homework ideas 5th grade a think aloud.

Modeling is the key to success in so much of what we do in the classroom. In my class we tend to go slow to go fast.

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Use this helpful list to find just the right book when you need a story that sends the message that good character counts. This will so totally work in Middle School!


Each student receives the following sheet with my summary expectations to keep in their reading binder:. Thank you to Rachel for giving me this opportunity! To teach succinct summarizing, I tell students reading homework ideas 5th grade what idwas need to include in their writing. Thanks for sharing this great, idea Gina! As I checked their notebooks more closely, I called each student reading homework ideas 5th grade and asked a question or two about the work they did.

If I ask that same student to write down what happened in the story, however, the organization is rarely as good and several unimportant details seem to find nomework way onto the page.

Later readint the year, we will assign two passages on ohmework same topic or by the same author, and students will work on comparing these. I have taught 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, with my most recent years in 3rd. These reading response homework sheets I created work well for my reading homework ideas 5th grade, but they are very easy to customize to fit your class or grade level.

Parents are working hard.

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Next, students write reaxing in class following their independent reading. I was sure to tell them my thinking and my reason for the code I chose.


We will assign literature, informational text, poetry, or excerpts from longer pieces of text. For example, I asked: Learn how your comment data is processed. How does your title fit the story?

The levels of the passages assigned can even vary from student to student, giving you a way ideqs differentiate assignments. While the written responses required in my 10 weeks of reading response homework are quite different from multiple choice tasks, they also require a great deal of modeling. Spangler in the Middle. Whenever I ask a student to retell a story orally, they normally do reading homework ideas 5th grade good job recounting the main events of the story in order.