Rebelling was more common in students such as Marjane. Reflection on my Research Paper.

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On September 8,hundreds of protesters were massacred in the streets of Tehran. Access to material goods was also very hard to get.

Although in law women that are seen or reported to not be following dress codes in the country are to be flogged or stoned to death depending on the extent of the violation. They continued to have parties to relieve the stress of being in a nation at war and going through a major revolution, even at the risk reearch research paper on iranian revolution the house searched for any type of contraband. Lecture on Syria September.

She walked by the destroyed house of a friend and just by research paper on iranian revolution in the rubble she could tell that her friend had been home and that she was now dead [20]. Men were not allowed to wear long sleeved shirts to prevent women from getting excited over their bare arms [17].

Marjane was at the market when a rocket hit research paper on iranian revolution her neighborhood. He was convicted and jailed for articles that he wrote that went against government law. Social Changes in Iran after the Revolution.

She was forced to grow up fast in a world that was plagued with an oppressive government, harsh laws and dress codes, and even a war. Once Iraq started to bomb Tehran civilians started to pay in price as well.


The targets of the state were those who were atheist or agnostics. All of which were signs of rebellion and illegal to have. The novel Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi depicts some of the hardships that she faced while living through the drastic changes set in motion by the revolution. He was also accused of being a communist research paper on iranian revolution. Siamak was also considered a communist and was forced to leave the country.

research paper on iranian revolution

So, they exterminated all that did not believe in the Republic. It affected not only the adults and teens fighting in the war but also the children and those not involved at all. A family friend that was imprisoned by the old regime was killed in his own home because he was considered a communist [7].

The citizens often heard bombs going off at all times throughout the day, this put everyone on high alert. Even though he studied and research paper on iranian revolution a degree in Marxism he came home to be with his family. His sister however was killed in his place when he could not be found [8].

Last modified Research paper on iranian revolution rrsearch, Social life went from what people living in a western power would consider normal to that of a religious republic. The monarchy lead by Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi wanted to modernize and westernize Iran, whereas Ayatollah Khomeini wanted to get back to the roots of Islamic customs.


Men also revolutiob fundamentalist ideas by being either clean shaven or have little facial hair along with tucking in their shirts. Thousands of men and women were imprisoned for their political beliefs.

What she could not get on the black market ppaer parents smuggled into the country when research paper on iranian revolution went on a vacation to turkey. This aided black market dealers into creating more of a broad spectrum of people interested in what they have to offer. Marjane had met her uncle Anoosh who left tostudy Marxism in the Soviet Union only to be thrown into prison by the Shah for research paper on iranian revolution years upon his return.

This forced men, women, and children to eevolution the country to escape religious and political persecution. The government was very strict about their fundamentalist ideals. The Massacre of Political Prisoners in Iran, This government is what still stands in Iran today.