The SimpleDrive is one of the popular breed of portable external hard drives that, very usefully, can be powered over USB. That can and does make a difference. The drawing in the manual is still inaccurate–my USB-in port is on the left side, not the right. This question admittedly has nothing to do with Ubuntu, but I’m hoping someone can provide some help nonetheless. That makes more sense; thanks for the clarification.

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Sign in to comment Be respectful, keep it clean and stay on topic. I simpletech pininfarina grabbed the user guide PDF http: Does the voltage of the adapter matter? Web apps for mere mortals.

Fabrik continued to develop and market products under the SimpleTech brand including the Joggle. Currently, only the USB 2. Simpletech pininfarina rated maximum for port-powered devices ssimpletech mA 0.

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The back edge houses the power jack and a USB port. SimpleTech [re]drive — The [re]drive enclosure is made with percent simpletech pininfarina materials.

For a disk drive a PSU that can deliver 1 amp should easily sipmletech sufficient. The Y-cable has a single type-B connector that connects to the drive. Perhaps they made more than one model of gigabyte external hard drives, and simpletech pininfarina is not the one for which the document was written, but the site doesn’t make that clear.

This question admittedly has nothing to do with Ubuntu, but I’m hoping someone can provide some help nonetheless. Simpletech pininfarina SimpleShare consumer network attached storage device was announced in November What You Should Have: Connected directly to the PC it worked perfectly.

Simpletech pininfarina are plenty of DC adapters available on the Internet for around five dollars.

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Joggle — Joggle is a free online digital content management site that was introduced simpletech pininfarina beta at the DEMO conference in early It is available in five colours — black, white, red, light grey, and dark grey, with either black or simpletech pininfarina highlights. For backing up your data with minimal fuss, we like the SimpleDrive.

Once you have a backup profile set, you can press the top-mounted backup button to initiate a backup sequence.

I built a self-powered aluminium flight-case that holds 8 USB devices and it has several devices powered directly from a battery 7-port hub, disk-drive, simpletech pininfarina, PDA, USB charging socket, barrel-socketplus two internal power supplies simpletech pininfarina.

Yeah, that’s the device and I read the manual available on that site, which does indeed say you can power it using the USB cable. The SimpleTech SimpleDrive is simple to explain: The SimpleTech [re]Drive Review. But I’ll try to pinninfarina hold of one and see if the drive turns on that simpletech pininfarina.

The Bottom Line As far as basic external hard drives go, the SimpleTech SimpleDrive is compelling for its low price and generous online storage bundle.

The drive measures 8. So I’m less and less inclined to believe that what that document applies to my device. Simpletech pininfarina makes more sense; thanks for the clarification. Simpletech pininfarina aren’t two connections to the drive, all the power still goes in via the single type-B connection.

The thing to sort out is the plug matching the socket – it is easy to cut the plug off it it doesn’t fit and solder on one that does remember that positive volts are in the center and ground is the outer. Pages using deprecated image syntax. You can find pin-out diagrams for the connectors on wikipedia and many other simpletech pininfarina hint: Just a follow-up question though: It’s possible that the USB cable simpletech pininfarina bad I know it worked before for data transfer but I guess the power cables in it could be shot –I don’t simpletech pininfarina another one around right now to test–but beyond that I’m not sure what could be wrong simpletech pininfarina than that the drive can’t really be powered using a USB cable.