Programmable macro buttons with driverless plug-and-play feature. Found a bad link? Death from above, text from below! Mirror 1 Mirror 2. Users with nothing better to do can create funny profile names.

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To help support this, the Ikari laser lser large glide surfaces for minimum friction between the mouse and surface. SteelSeries has been steadily building a rapport with professional gamers across the globe over the past few years by developing products specifically designed to improve gaming performance and usability without a lot of extra steelseries ikari laser mouse.

Review: SteelSeries Ikari laser mouse

This feature enables hardcore and professional gamers to connect to any computer without having to reconfigure the mouse. Conclusion For the most part the Ikari is pretty sturdy, run-of-the-mill gaming mouse.

And steelseries ikari laser mouse there was the telltale wobble of the cursor when at rest, continually appearing on screen during a movie that ikarj the mouse when not in use. I mean video from above.

January 16, at This mouse would aid in those types of games. Installing the mouse was incredibly fast and easy no restart. Steelseries ikari laser mouse is steelseries ikari laser mouse the Ikari and comes in two versions, one with a laser and one with an optical engine, just sharing the outer shell.

The unique form and shape of the Ikari Laser mouse took more than 15 months to perfect. The screen at the bottom is genuinely useful, if your in a middle of the game it is very oaser to pause it, and adjust the CPI settings for the current profile you are on, without having to load up the options menus or even quit the game.

Instead of fancy lights and other gimicks, the Ikari focuses on build quality and no-nonsense features.

It is a mouse which has dominated the gaming market; it was afterall designed with feedback from over 5, gamers to help improve the ergonomics, technology, shape, hand grip, motion and playing style to produce what some people have called the perfect gaming mouse and even more impressively at a reasonable price. This is a winning feature especially if you attend LAN parties or use your mouse on different software and hardware platforms.

Angry Video Game Nerd: As a result, the Ikari lacks the specialized feel steelseries ikari laser mouse steelseriies mice. Programmable macro buttons with driverless plug-and-play feature. All steelseries ikari laser mouse used are properties of their steelswries owners.

SteelSeries Ikari Laser Mouse Review – IGN

In fact, I just did. But any kind of medium-or-small-sized, controlled movements get messed up. SteelSeries sponsors over 30 professional gaming teams world wide, and steelseriee plenty of user feedback for the shape of the mouse.

Get tech support here. The mouse is well-put together, although it looks more tanklike than it really is.

Be Social with eTeknix. This feature allows gamers to get the finest sensitivity tuning that has ever been possible on a mouse. Gaming mice are getting serious… what once was marketed as a niche novelty item is now taken seriously as professional sports equipment. Furthermore the Ikari Laser is completely driverless which enables the mouse to remember settings and macros when plugged into tournament computers — without installing any drivers or software.

Introduction SteelSeries is mostly known for its gaming grade mouse mats and headsets. It is however still of excellent build quality.

When doing large movements Steelseries ikari laser mouse found the Ikari to move naturally steelseries ikari laser mouse go where I thought it would go — to the region of an icon or button or enemy, whatever. The Ikari mouse features a wide palmed design for added comfort during prolonged sessions and a matte finish for a little extra grip.

Driverless, Plug and Play The Ikari Laser is a driverless unit and has programmable on-board memory in its software, enabling the mouse to remember your personal settings. January 16, at 2: Right from the body to the features this mouse is completely new.

The design feels familiar and could be readily comparable to most garden-variety desktop mice.