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Would be great if you can supply the text of your voice-over in the videos. Bored with the same old look of Ubuntu? Unlike flat-style icons, Lila HD icons are skeuomorphic, thus having a more tangible appearance. Delicious Dalisha icon theme is full of vibrant color. Obsidian is based on once hugely popular Faenza icon theme.

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18 Best Icon Themes For Ubuntu 18.04 and 16.04

This flat icon theme will remind you of Android. You may also like.

It is more polished and refined, bringing out the best of Paper icons. Icon themes are the best and perhaps the icin way to change the looks of your Ubuntu desktop. You can guess the popularity of Numix theme suite from the fact that it is the default theme in several Linux distributions including Antergos and Korora Linux. It also contains cursor, reload, navigation, etc.

GNOME: The Free Software Desktop Project

Vivacious Colors definitely deserves to be on our list of best icon themes. Oranchelo is a colorful theme with support for a number of icons.

Shown with the Arc light gtk theme. Take a look at this beautiful icon theme.

Download El Capitane Icon Theme. Moka is another great icon theme by snwh. When and Why was Linux Created? In those cases, you can simply download the theme archive. Is your favourite icon theme included in my list? And How Are They Important? You can download La Capitane theme from its GitHub directory. Vivacious Colors is a beautiful theme that the,e with so many personalization options.

Download Evolvere Icon Theme. Here is the wall for La Capitaine, and here is the wall gbome Faenza. It may even be a bit of cheeky depending on your test.

Debian -- Package Search Results -- gnome-icon-theme

Shadow icon theme is next on our list. All its elements have clear outlines with distinct colour tones available in 6 variants. It is used as a baseline for several other themes, such as the Arc icon theme. Papirus is based on the material theme inspired Paper icons.

Eyecandy for your GNOME-Desktop -

It features mostly flat icons with shadows, highlights, and gradients for some depth based on its beautifully contrasted colour palette. Evolvere is a square icon theme that is relatively unheard of. Papirus is a new-ish icon theme from the Papirus Development Team. Shown with the Adapta-Nokto gtk theme. Vibrancy Colors is a modern and clean icon theme. Xenlism icons have a bit of a circular look, themf shown in the wheel screenshot. It has some variants as well that provide different color accents themr the Nautilus folder icons.

Of course, they come at a price. Honestly, Xenlism is more vivid and colorful than minimal.

You might think it will take you forever to settle on the ideal icon theme for your Linux desktop because there are a thousand and one options to choose from.

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