Double-click Network and then click the File and Print Sharing button. When prompted, restart your computer. Secure the PCI Adapter with the previously removed screw or clip. PCI slots are typically white plastic lined with metal and are 3. Remove the slot cover and insert the PCI Adapter. When Windows detects the new hardware, click Next.

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Double-click Network and then click the File and Print Sharing button. Warranty Service Learn how to send your product in for warranty service.

– U.S. Robotics 22Mbps Wireless PCI Adapter Drivers

Electronic product documentation is provided as a courtesy to USRobotics customers. For troubleshooting and technical support information, refer to the Companion Reference Guide or to the USRobotics website at www. File and print sharing is now enabled.

Follow the on-screen instructions and wait for some files to be copied to your hard drive. To take full advantage of the XLerator Technologyyou must completely update your wireless infrastructure.

Where to Us robotics 22mbps wireless pci adapter Contact Us change region. When completed, your device is installed correctly.

USRobotics Support: Model –

Configure the basic connection settings Congratulations! If you ever need to call our Technical Support department, you will need this number to receive assistance. Turn on your desktop or laptop computer. This will open the Web Configuration Utility. After your computer reboots, the program window with the Us robotics 22mbps wireless pci adapter Utility icons may appear.

These are electronic versions of the original documentation. You should now see a small icon for the Configuration Utility in the system tray by your clock. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation procedure.

U S Robotics USR 2216 Wireless PCI Adapter 22 Mbps

The installation may not work successfully if you try to complete the Hardware Installation Wizard. You will need to install this software on rogotics the PCs or laptops you plan to wirelessly network together.

Read the License Agreement and click Yes to accept the terms. Cellular Modems and Gateways make the M2M world go round. When the Web Configuration Utility launches, you can change the information about your wireless network.

After the Wireless Access Point is installed, double-click the icon for the Configuration Utility on us robotics 22mbps wireless pci adapter desktop. If you adspter to reset the Wireless Access Point at any time, perform the following steps. Click Nextselect the network adapter to connect to the Internet and click Next. This time it will begin the installation process.

Right-click the LAN connection in the list and click Properties. Select Internet Tools and then click Details. Upon restarting, the device should detect and adapher install.

Follow the on-screen instructions. The 22 Mbps Wireless PCI Adapter is set to Auto Detect mode by default, which allows it to scan for and connect to an existing wireless network or other wireless networking products in the area.

Network Adapters – U.S.Robotics – U.S. Robotics 22Mbps Wireless PCI Adapter Computer Driver Updates

Click Yes to run the uninstall. If you reset the Wireless Access Point, you will lose your 22mbps settings. Once completed, you will be prompted to restart your computer.

Infrastructure mode is used to add a Wireless Access Point to the wireless network configuration for extended range and increased number of computers that can join the network. When your desktop returns, shut down your computer.