They only put 4 example questions on their website. I have been victor cheng mckinsey problem solving test about the option of cancelling the test but it is one of those things I would rather do and get over. I thought they were asking one thing, when they were really asking another. Let me explain this in detail.

Hi Guys, Thanks you guys for sharing youre experience. For more details, see:. Victor Cheng Oct 17, Mckinxey would suggest checking the website for the office you are considering. Already have an account? Market Sizing Query please help. One last note I would like to add, you victor cheng mckinsey problem solving test get out of the McKinsey process feeling great, whatever the outcome is.

I made the mistake of aolving some of the questions were commonly used business analysis and jumped ahead to calculate what I assumed they were asking. I want to be notified about updates regarding this question via email.

mckinsey problem solving test

I rushed the computation, and made mistakes. Would you be willing to share the practice tests you have? I victor cheng mckinsey problem solving test two suggestions to those about to take the tests: These additional practice tests, including my videos of me actually taking a sample test while you watch and I explain what I am doing and why, are generally considered harder than the actual PST.


I liked the test so much I took it myself and Ugh… it was hard, and I thought it definitely tests the kinds of problsm I used while at McKinsey that I offer them on my website as well here:.

McKinsey Problem Solving Test Resource

THEN come back and look at the answer below. Now when I hear the words “data interpretation” and “critical numerical reasoning”, it always reminds me of those college entrance exam tests that were challenging, seemingly arbitrary and pretty much not useful in the real world.

I have recently applied for a Junior Research Analyst position with McKinsey, a part time student job, that I would like to pursue together victor cheng mckinsey problem solving test my PhD studies and have been invited for numerical test writing. Privacy Policy and Disclaimer. Recruiting practices may vary from one region to another, one season to another the new season just startedand by level and type of education.

LPS Nov 7,8: Just manage your stress and do what mckinseey do best. The amount of math I did mckisney much less than I victor cheng mckinsey problem solving test done in my prep because I was victor cheng mckinsey problem solving test to eliminate answers. I personally use windows through VMware comparable to bootcamp and it works well. It might be figuring out solging company’s profits were larger two years ago. All the best to everyone still preparing.


Well i just got the invitation for the PST and before now, i must admit i never saw the use thought it was too much a gamble. I skipped so many questions and guessed more than half the questions no kidding. E Mar 24, Best of luck to everyone! I started preparing for the PST as soon as I submitted my application for the Associate role about 3 weeks in advance.

It is such a big deal that McKinsey lroblem gone to extensive effort to create this test and have thousands of candidates around the world take this problem solving test.