Because of the collapsed buildings several people are buried alive under the debris. The vibrations write an essay on earthquake recorded on a strip of paper or photograph film and the diagram is produced as shown: The Richter scale is numbered They can select any of the essays given below under various words limit accroding to their need and requirement:.

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However, in spite of this slow rehabilitation work, the whole nation write an essay on earthquake face this calamity as one, because without unity nothing is possible, but everything is impossible. The frequency is also very small, the last major inter plate earthquake was in Latur-India in In house construction light roof Low density concrete and polymer construction material are recommended.

How to Write an Essay About Earthquakes. Old fault lines in the plates are weaker than the surrounding rocks, these old fault lines cover many continents, crossing all over each other. The plates then snap back into a new position, forcing the already undercutting plate to dive down even further under the other.

This releases the stored energy as shock wave s. Your write an essay on earthquake address will not be published. These forces result in the triggering of the earthquakes within the subduction zones.

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Sometimes, the break may be as large as the major shock. Earthquakes vary in intensity. The old faults can slip if the stress becomes too much from recent plate movements, which will cause an unexpected earthquake.


The other causes of earthquakes may be due to the various reasons depending upon their write an essay on earthquake. Describe the frequency, origin and distribution of earthquakes at mid-ocean ridges, ocean basins, subduction zones and continental shields.

Establish your thesis and identify several sub-topics that exemplify or otherwise support your thesis. If at the same time a hot spot is directly below a thinned crust then the magma in the hot spot may hold too much pressure to be held by the write an essay on earthquake weakened crust.

These are compressional waves, which cause the material of rock to vibrate in longitudinal direction.

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Raised blocks get down and cause imbalance on the earth surface which inturn cause earthquake. However, it is earthquakr sure that earthquakes do not occur in other places. Of these the depth of FOCUS, the cause, the intensity and magnitude of earthquakes are very important.

The boundaries between moving plates form the largest fault surfaces on Earth. This scale of intensity is adopted internationally.

Some earthquakes are said to start from write an essay on earthquake to kilometers drite the surface of the earth and others from to kilometers below it. It was weird thinking that a few big shakes could do all this in as little as 40 second.


This is based in the total amount of energy released during an earthquake.

The device was similar to the jar having dragons on top and surrounded by frogs with open mouths. These forces are mainly responsible for the formation of Fold Mountains and rift valleys. Esay are caused by tectonic movements in the Earth’s crust. That is why, write an essay on earthquake earthquakes occur more frequently in the regions of Fold Mountain.

This means that the crust becomes weaker as earfhquake is thinner than normal. They are generally very severe and area affected is often very great. They pass through solid as well as liquid media. It was Aristotle a great Greek philosopher who relate the occurrence of earthquake to some physical factors.